Our Approach

A pre-school is a second home for a child. Our approach is to provide a supportive and thoughtfully prepared learning environment where a child’s personality can develop through age appropriate activities that make learning an attractive part of their daily life.

The approach followed at Little Ville is the result of extensive research that explored prominent global approaches followed for child education. Our experts formulated a simple, interesting, enriching and relevant curriculum that will lay a strong foundation of the academic life of the child.


Our curriculum has incorporated the best aspects of the following approaches:


Multiple Intelligence approach by Howard Gardner:- All children have different proclivities in the eight intelligences according to MI theory, Because of these individual differences among children, facilitators are best trained to use a broad range of facilitating strategies.

Montessori approach by Maria Montessori:-The philosophical tenet behind the Montessori method is that children each have their own internal guidance for self-directed development. The teacher acts as a guide, watching over the classroom to remove obstacles from learning.

Reggio Emilia approach:-Children from birth are full of potential and capabilities and it is our responsibility to develop that potential. Accroding to the approach facilitators , parents gets in on the process of educating and nurturing the little ones. As a result the community bonds and involvement in the education of young children are exceptionally strong.

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